Soft Robotic Hand

The Soft Robotic Hand in RViz

With the advent of better learning techniques, the focus on research in robotic manipulation is increasing. However, the robot grippers available in the market currently are either not dexterous enough or they are quite expensive for large scale use. The goal of this project was to help in the development of a robust and versatile gripper which is low cost but also has similar functionalities to the high end robotic manipulators like the “shadowhand”, etc. The hand is made out of foam, so it does not pose a risk to a human working alongside a robot and can be easily fabricated in a research lab. We carried out a lot of experiments on the hand to understand its current capabilities and get ideas for future design iterations.

Checkout a short report on my work here: Report

Karmesh Yadav
Karmesh Yadav
AI Resident at FAIR

My research interests include Reinforcement Learning, Robotics and Meta-Learning.