Aug 2023: Joined Georgia Tech as a PhD Student

After the successful completion of my 2 year residency at FAIR, Meta, I have joined the Department of Interactive Computing at the School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech as a PhD student.

Aug 2021: Joined FAIR as an AI Resident

I started working as an AI Resident in Facebook AI Research. I will be working with Dr. Oleksandr Maksymets and Prof. Dhruv Batra on training embodied agents in the Habitat Simulator

Dec 2020: Our paper, La-MAML was accepted for Oral Presentation at NeurIPS 2020

Our paper, Look-Ahead Meta Learning for Continual Learning was accepted for Oral Presentation (top 1% of submitted works) at NeurIPS 2020

July 2020: Joined isee as a Robotics Engineer

I started working as a Robotics Engineer at isee. I will be part of the Planning Team

May 2020: I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University

I graduated from Robotics Institute, CMU with a Masters degree in Robotic Systems Development